Legendary Batman comic writers unanimously agreed which is their favorite film version of the caped crusader. Their answer may surprise you.

So  the most beloved Batman comic writers walked into a hall and they were asked which film has captured the heart and soul of the caped crusader. Will it be an easy task for them or will they be given time to think it over?

According to Screenrant.com ,this actually happened during the Dark Knight’s 75th Anniversary at the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con 2014. A fan piped up the question that could have been in every person’s mind in the hall. Several of the writers were not Continue reading

2014 COMIC CON RANKS:The most talked about movies and TV shows at the ‘Con’

The San Diego Comic Con concluded last Sunday, July  27 and so thousands of sci-fi geeks, pop culture fans, couch potatoes, movie junkies (and the ‘in-betweens’) in America and around the world all went home and go back to their normal lives.

However, it’s not over until we round up the statistics and announce the winners of the comic con in terms of popularity. All results are Continue reading


Comic-Con Participants get first look of ‘Mockingjay’ trailer and treated with Capitol Experience

San Diego-  Comic-Con participants and fans of the box-office hit franchise ‘Hunger Games‘ were treated with the trailer premier of the newest third installment ‘Mockingjay: Part I‘, at the Capitol themed gallery in Hard Rock Hotel.

The trailer is yet to be seen worldwide on the internet next week, so this is just one of the perks to be at the SDCC this year. For those who are curious, the trailer first showed a hovership landing Continue reading